Customer Reviews


Ted and Lisa Zamore,

If you live in Australia, your young kangaroos are called Joeys; if you live on planet Earth, the coffee you drink is Zoe's. We've tasted many coffees. Our search has been done with zest!! But we've got to tell you frankly, Zoe's coffee is the best !! I love Zoe's coffee; My wife, Lisa, love's Zoe's too. One sip of Zoe's perfection, and it will be your only brew!! Thank You Zoe's for coffee that touches my heart!! I couldn't imagine sipping anything else to make my new day start!!


Heidi Haskins,
Oakley, CA

I've never been a coffee drinker and purchased Zoe's Coffee for my husband to try and the aroma smelled like candy. I decided to give it a try and loved it!! Now I'm a Zoe's Coffee drinker.


Vanessa Taylor,
Oakley, CA

I tried Zoe's Coffee and now I am hooked!


Robert Cheek,
Manteca, CA

I was dedicated Starbucks customer until I discovered Zoe's Coffee at Pure Joy Bakery. From then on, I drink nothing but Zoe's!


Joann Atkinson,
Modesto, CA

I started drinking coffee when I was a young girl with my father as a bonding time... Well over a decade I started drinking Zoe's Coffee. The difference between Zoe's and any other coffee out there is its Fresh Roast when I get it! It's convenient for me I can call and order it, fax my order, or order online and it's delivered to my home. Today I blend my own blend of Zoe's together to make my own special blend. I think it's best coffee my family and me has ever had!


Evelyn Avery,
Bethel Island, CA

For someone 87 years old, I have been drinking coffee for almost 80 years. Zoe's Coffee has the most beautiful flavor I have ever tried. I find that after tasting many different brands of coffee throughout my life, Zoe's Coffee has now become my only three cups of coffee a day.


Carol Smith,
Bethel Island, CA

I hated coffee because of the after taste that it left in my mouth. But after experiencing a cup of Zoe's Coffee I now enjoy one cup of Zoe's every day! I believe it is the Tea Lovers Coffee!

It's like a breath of fresh air for me, it is the freshest coffee I have ever had... It's a great way for me to start my day

Roberta Lantow,
Happy Camp, CA