Our Story

Mark and memorable hat.

Mark and memorable hat.

Origins: In Memory of Mark, the Man Behind the Hat.

In early 1987, Mark and Glenda signed a Lease for a corner store being built on McHenry and Standiford. They planned to make it a coffee shoppe and to do coffee roasting onsite.

Mark and Glenda proceeded in purchasing supplies and equipment to operate all phased of coffee, they also included ice cream and Jelly Belly's.

A disastrous storm struck and demolished some of the buildings, especially the corner store, leaving the developer deviated, likewise Mark and Glenda, for the equipment they already purchased was in storage. With the cooperation of Modesto Planning and Zoning, help from church friends, M. P. Mountainos, Mr. Coffee and many others, they were allowed to finish that store.  ...And Gormet Coffee Was Born!

Mark and Glenda knew the "coffee crowd" from Peets in Seattle, they met Juan Valdez at coffee conventions and became great friends of Kyle at M.P. Mountanos.

After two years, Zoe's was opened up at the Vintage Faire Mall in 1990. Two years later, they leased another beautiful store on Coffee Road and Sylvan.  As months and years progressed, so did Mark's Diabetes and his medical bills. Finally, in 1998 the family decided due to Mark's health it was time to close the doors for Zoe's Coffee. Mark and Glenda moved to Idaho where Mark's parents could assist with whatever needed to be done.

Marks knowledge of coffee, the beans, the roasting, grinding, packaging, flavoring and anything that was affiliated with coffee brought him great joy. Creating new flavors and blends was his specialty.  

Mark left us all with a gift for the palate "Mom and Aunt Betty's" coffee flavor, this was his special creation and still to this day is Zoe's Coffee #1 flavor sold. 


A Message from Zoe's Coffee

Ever since we bought Zoe's and Zoe's is once again in the public eye, we have had so many people talk to us about how much they admired Mark and Glenda and how they remember Mark's hat. Many fond memories were built by Zoe's for many, many folks in the Central Valley.  We designed this page as  a way of sharing a small history of Zoe's Coffee how it began and also In memory of Mark.... We have added a guest list & photo album for you to enjoy and share your memories or positive experiences that you once had.

- Zoes Coffee Roasting Company